Finansierade Fauci ”Gain-of-Function”-forskning i Wuhan?

Det går många rykten på nätet om att Anthony Fauci sponstrade forskning i Wuhan som gick ut på att göra virus mer smittsamma och/eller farliga för människor. Här är ett exempel på inlägg på Facebook:

Because you won’t hear it on mainstream media….
If this virus did leak from the lab and you care who funded this SARS-cov-2 gain of function research, research peter daszek’s EcoHealth Alliance and Fauci

Also know Peter Daszak has published research that this pandemic was produced from nature and not leaked from his precious wuhan lab. This research in the Lancet became the gold standard for justifying censoring any comments that the virus leaked from the lab. Talk about unethical relationships. This censoring ruling has since been overturned. Just like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin which we can also now discuss because they were wrong. The censoring was wrong. Did i say the censoring was wrong? There’s a shit load of research these treatments work as safe and effective treatments but thats a whole other story. But i will say if we have safe and effective treatments we can’t have emergency use vaccines by law. Humm…

Guess who dumped a large sum of $$ into Peter Daszak ecohealth Alliance? Fauchi with taxpayer dollars. Fauchi funded gain of function research through thid third party peter Daszak’s ecohealth alliance. If you hear he did not fund it, just know its another case of wordsmithing 2021.

”Fauci once argued that conducting experiments on contagious viruses to increase their potency was worth the risk, even if the work could accidentally lead to a pandemic” -American Society for Microbiology in October 2012

And please research this. the one most commonly used genome pairings sequence in gain-of-function research is CGG-CGG, or double CGG to increase lethality and this sequence has been found in SARS-cov-2 but never found in nature.

Obviously the jury is still out. What else can they possibly be reaching for?

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